Release Me

Release Me - J. Kenner 2 STARSYeah, I'm getting the message that I may not be the target market for this bandwagon. This was more in the hues of Bared to You than Fifty Shades and whereas those books at least provided some memorable male leads, Damien Stark felt a bit alpha lite: fat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and thus came out this side of bland. And to think he had such an interesting background: a former tennis player who made his billions through technology. He's supposed to come from a blue collar family with interests in science but the way he speaks you wouldn't believe it. I guess I was looking for some rough and rakish charm or a geeky nuance but he just comes across like he's been rich and entitled all his life (i.e. pompously sending out a magazine with an article of himself to the woman he's wooing... yeah, not charmed.)Nikki is a former pageant queen from Texas who has a double degree in engineering and tech. She writes codes AND wishes for world peace. This should have been epic. But she just ends up a bit like a myopic's rendition of the heroine from Bared to You. The sexytimes were lukewarm. I keep getting the mental picture of a lighter refusing to catch fire. The only way this series would perk up my interest is if Carl, Nikki's boss, was indeed fucking Damien on the side. Like literally.