Evil Evil

Sweet Evil -

DNF at 50%


I don't always rate my DNFs because there are times that it's the book's fault and there are times that it's probably me. I know which category this falls under but I'm not rating it because of... science. And I'd let the review do the rating for this one. I have never read Hush, Hush, I got introduced to YA-PNR angel books by way of Angelfall and Unearthly and I'm beginning to think that may have something to do with how I felt about Sweet Evil.


Now, clearly angel books aren't the bastion of excellence in terms of YA-PNR but I have certain fondness for them and the fact that I managed to get up to 50% before I threw the towel is testament to that fact. Even if I had to rely on blackface RDJ for support.



Who wants to disappoint that sexy mofo?


Our heroine is Anna, a 16-year old girl who is exactly what the blurb describes. She doesn't drink, don't do drugs, is nice to the jackholes in school and as extra gravy, she can see and feel people's emotions. In stereotypical colors: yellow for joy, red for lust, gray for despair etc. Okay... a little cliched but I let it go. The pollyanna act can also be grating at times but I've seen these heroine phenotypes and ended up liking them so hey maybe this will be a surprise. Then she meets drummer Kaidan Rowe whom of course she's inexplicably drawn to because he has a weird color and shares some of her abilities. So she goes back to her adoptive mom and asks what she really is. For the first time in her life.


Problem 1: She's been having these strange abilities of having enhanced senses since she was a child she even remembers her days in her mom's womb and made NOT ONE INQUIRY ABOUT THEM? She didn't find that strange? At all? One may argue that her sheltered life may have altered her perception of reality but that didn't really come across in the story. What makes it less palatable to swallow is that Patti (her adoptive mom) and her have a tight knit relationship. I don't understand how she NEVER asked her about it especially since she KNOWS Patti was there on the day of her birth. And it took the hott (yes that's how she qualifies the hotness of Kaidan Rowe, by adding an extra 'T" which might be an effort to be adorably dorky but wasn't) drummer with the strange abilities to make her realize, 'hey... maybe I need to investigate this sh*t.'


Uhhh... okay. (Rolling my eyes but whatevs)


After revealing to Anna that she's the child of a guardian angel and a demon and that Kaidan has no angel gene in him, just demon Patti tells her she must go to the nun present during her birth in LA and never see Kaidan again. So of course Anna seeks out Kaiden because that totally makes sense with what her character profile says #sarcasm and through a series of events ends up being her companion to that road trip from Georgia to LA with Patti's blessing.


Problem 2: WHY?! Patti shelters her from 16 years, expressly forbids her to come in contact with Kaidan but because she's having financial issues and Kaidan offered to take Anna there she says yes?! With nothing more than a promise that he'll be good and won't take advantage of Anna. From a demon. Really, mom???



Eventually this gets explained flimsily a few chapters after because the nun is close to dying and they don't have much time with logic that approximates an adhesive tape trying to close a crater.


Problem 3:


"I suppose we should get separate rooms," he offered.
My stomach lurched. "I wasn't going to let anything happen with Kaidan. It seemed wasteful to make him pay for separate rooms just to satisfy my prudish modesty and Patti's overprotectiveness.

"We can share a room as long as it has two beds," I compromised. "And we won't mention it to Patti unless she asks."

THAT'S our tender-hearted, naive, sweet heroine?! One may argue that it's the nature of her naivete and innocence but that wasn't the message she was giving me with the way she thinks and acts even before this scene.


So it goes without saying my biggest issue was the characters' lack of logic and consistency through out the entire 50% that I did read but also:

✪ How the info on Nephilim mythology was dumped, almost in flat narration: sitting down while Anna and
Kaidan or her dad talks.
✪ The lack of imagination of that mythology. This offered nothing new.
✪ The cliched lines and cheesy delivery.

"I know this is hard on you, Anna, but you can't lose your head. You can't lose who you are in here." She pulled back and tapped a finger over my heart. "Because that's what's important."

✪ The lukewarm chemistry between Kaidan and Anna (as friends or as road-trip buddies because the time they spent together was spent to dump all the info on the mythology).

✪ And the tittering. Sorry I just can't handle any form of tittering, even if she only did it once.


I was gearing up to finish this but once I got to the part where she got to meet her dad and I still didn't feel any emotion or care as to what happens to any of the characters, I knew it was time to give in.