Boundless - Cynthia Hand I feel like I've just been mic-dropped.I have to admit, it wasn't perfect. I couldn't bring my heart to be excited over a couple of scenes before that trip to hell when I feel like I'm being told to be. There were a couple of cop-outs where I should feel cheated but it will help me sleep better so, I'm gonna shut up and take it. But when it was good: IT WAS REALLY GOOD. 2 things I liked most (Tucker aside): Cynthia Hand's depiction of hell. I loved it. It was so vivid and real I began to question for an infinitesimal second if I've been there or if I'm already there (huh, imagine that). And Sam and Maggie's story. That sly little devil steals the show a couple of times that I'm wondering why there isn't a historical PNR spinoff of those two and Michael. I am so boarding that midnight train to... er, hell. I can't believe I started this book liking the heroine and ended liking her even more. Clara's indecision between Christian and Tucker spanning three books should have annoyed the ever living daylights out of me thus far. I was waiting for a moment where they'd be dealing with an issue that they've already dealt before (as these things tend to happen in such a worn plot device) but every dilemma, every quandary felt new and makes each characters' growth even more stark. Now with that out of the way, I'm going to conduct a randomized controlled trial on which would make a reader lose more weight: (a) reading a series as the books are released therefore suffering the stress of repeated cliffhangers and waiting for the next book to come out for a yearor(b) reading a completed series one book after another, foregoing lunch and sleep.For the record, I think I lost 2 pounds reading this series in 3 days: not being able to put it down during lunch break, sleeping late and sneaking in a chapter or two before I get up from bed.