Cold As Ice

Cold As Ice - Anne Stuart 4 STARSWell that went better than expected.While I did enjoy Black Ice, I feel like I haven't found my footing in this series and can't seem to get an actual pulse on how I'm supposed to regard the heroes and, yes, even the heroines. With this book, I've somehow finally gotten Anne Stuart's rhythm and what she's trying to tell me. These books have a certain International Man of Mystery feel to it especially Black Ice with the hot cars, the hero's glittering social calendar and liquid platinum.Cold As Ice felt a little less glamorous and more Tinker. Tailor. Soldier. Spy. than James Bond. Though this book has been equipped with a megalomaniac villain with a certain affinity towards numerology, zodiac signs and spreading worldwide chaos (Yoko Ono is that you?) and a matriarchal head for the Committee so maybe still a bit James Bond.Peter and Genevieve had good chemistry. I liked that their banter allowed for some humor in the story which was severely lacking in the first book. Though Genevieve could start to grate on your nerves. She really DOES talk a lot. Either I wasn't paying good attention or there were some plot holes that didn't get resolved: how did Peter escape the boat when it blew up? What was the purpose of the Rule of Seven or was it just the crazy in Harry's head talking? Initially, it felt like they were being written as though they knew each other from the past. Am I alone in that assumption? Because I was waiting for that reveal until the very end. Speaking of endings, I'm beginning to suspect this isn't Anne Stuart's strongest points. She can be funny if she wants to (how the villain dies is hilarious), her sex scenes are VERY steamy but her last 10%'s have a rushed feel to it. I'm not one to long for an epilogue where the H/h are celebrating their fifth child's birthday but I do appreciate an ending that didn't jump two pages after the conflict's resolution. The books are entertaining enough but I can't seem to be emphatic with the H and h. There's a serious lack in the emotional manipulation department on these 2 books. All in all a smoother reading experience than the first and so much looking forward to the third where the hero is half-Japanese, half-Irish #omnom.