Head Rush (Disillusionists Series #3)

Head Rush - Carolyn Crane "Do you want anymore cookies?" (Otto) "No." Hell no. Favorite-shelved.I dove right into this one after the last book's ending because I didn't want to end up killing my e-reader. As the conclusion to Carolyn Crane's acid trip of a series, Head Rush kind of blew my mind in the most unexpected manner. It got a bit... Normal.I'll always have a soft spot for this series because its the weird, quirky, funny kid in the playground that tells crazy stories and expresses his emotions through clay.That's how I express my joy too! Compared to the kookiness of Mind Games and the intensity of Double Cross, Head Rush was almost as close to mainstream romance as it gets. Not to say it's less than the previous books (Otto's idea of impressing Justine's dad was just hilarious!) But there were scenes that make me question if I'm still in the same universe where Simon and Hello Kitty visigoth exists. Gut-wrenching scenes that felt like they belonged to a YA novel (no kidding) juxtaposed with scenes of Justine's dad wearing a hazmat suit in her wedding... i don't think I can find that anywhere else.But where this triumphs best over its predecessors is the pacing. Everything read like a summer action flick but with more plot and less blaring surround soundtrack. I wanted to shank the next b*tch who dared to interrupt my reading time. It was that gripping and intense that I'm sure I overlooked a lot of plot holes but I couldn't care less."Nothing can replace coming to something on your own, to take a hard, important journey, to reach deep into yourself and trust your heart.”"In some parts of the world, they don’t have a word for snow, because they don’t know what it is. I never had a word for this. Love’s too trite. It’s more than that—just more.”“There are some people in life, Justine, when you put a mountain in front of them, they climb it, whereas others just pop a few aspirins and hope it goes away.”