Darkfever (Fever Series #1)

Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning For some reason, this made me laugh uncontrollably:You are holding the spear that pierced Christ's side as he hung on the cross," he said.I nearly dropped it. "This thing killed Jesus?" I exclaimed, dismayed.This was my third attempt to finish this book (last June then September then now). It took me that much of time to build tolerance against Mac. It read a lot like a BtVS fanfiction but the world building does hold promise. I could almost feel the author bursting at the seams, wanting to tell the story all at once, because she does go off tangent frequently (with all the "but I would learn that later on" funk). Sometimes it distracts, sometimes its fine.Will put off reading the second book for a while, not terribly curious as to what Buffy, er MacKayla, would be up against next. But this one was entertaining enough to pique interest :-)