Lying Season

Lying Season - Karina Halle I felt like I had that rare upper hand again. It was a sick, sad thing to want but couldn't help but grab at it. With Dex, you never knew how long it would be until the rug was pulled out from under you again.4.5 STARS It was all sh*ts and giggles... then this book happened. If I'm going to draw up an analogy to what reading this book felt like, I'm going to have to pick the "getting papercuts all over the body then getting pushed in a vat of alcohol after" scenario.There's something very raw and poignant about the characters of Dex and Perry individually that moves something in me, that makes them very real. Both these characters are so complex and so unpredictable that you can't help but feel awe and horror at once when all of their jagged edges and imperfect pieces come together and fall apart in endless cycles that never seems to lose any of its intensity.The past 3 books have placed them in situations where Dex and Perry have been the potential prey to a variety of predators: semi-isolated and almost controlled environment of their frenzied paranormal misadventures. Lying Season is where they become each other's prey and predator and vice versa in several turns of lies.I had certain expectations when I read in the blurb that Perry was going to stay with Dex and Jenn for a couple of days in Seattle. A couple were met but the majority, a lot of times, just stressed a hole in my gut and left me teary-eyed... not of overwhelming emotion (though I did have that but not to the point of tears) but because of reading in long stretches. If you've gone this far in the series, there is no way you can finish this in more than a day. I am still in total disbelief at how Perry and Dex could have done the things they have done to each other. In this case, Perry more than Dex, because much as I love this heroine, what she did here was just a big tub of NO. But while Perry took The Iron Throne of Douchiness in this one, Dex isn't far behind. Half the time, I couldn't tell if he's aware of the games he's playing around Perry or if he is the lost boy Rebecca sees him as, a floating leaf waiting for a place to crash in.I am cheering on them both but the way they go about NOT having a relationship with each other with their secrets and the burdens they carry is like a lengthy documentary on how not to be a couple. The exploration of the asylum continues to show the improvement in the creep factor of the episodes and the Ghost of the Week will probably have a return guesting in the future books. There's a healthy mix of traditional and non-traditional scenes in a contemporary romance in this one that neither alienated nor seem derivative to me... it was very refreshing, but very strange to find in this series. It has a different tone and feel compared to the past books and you get the sense that you're really entering the freeway with that last scene, going to a direction different from what you've come to know.And yet at the last turn of the page, despite swimming in that vat of alcohol... you can't seem to help it but dive back in for more.