Darkhouse - Karina Halle 4 STARS "If you want to be all like smart and adult about this shit then do the right thing. But if you want to do something fun and take a chance, then screw what anyone else thinks. Rock and roll, man!” There's something about reading a Karina Halle book that makes me feel like a rockstar. Like I'm not trapped in a ridiculously repetitive life somewhere and I can do crazy things like wear my Wednesday undies on a Monday. Or heck, just ditch the undies altogether, never minding the bollocks.I never really had a doubt that Darkhouse will deliver, but since everyone's been telling me the series gets better as it progresses, I kind of had middling expectations for this one. Plus I don't necessarily get spooked by ghost stories and horror plots, maybe because I'm a very visual person when it comes to fears and what I consider spooky/scary may just be disturbing to others. for example, I still can't watch the opening sequence of Se7en by myself.I know everyone loves Declan but here is where Perry Palomino stole my heart. She's the best friend I've always wanted but never met. Her heroine prototype is that of a stuntwoman who watches B-movies, quotes Airplane! And takes potshots at Yoko Ono (yeah, that never grows old). What's not to love? The fact that this was entirely from Perry's POV made everything else easier to get on board with her. This is how I like my heroine: dishes the appropriate amount of snark, some self-deprecating humor that doesn't irritate me in the slightest and a quiet strength that need no explanation."But I wasn’t crying. I was desperately trying to not let that happen. I sucked in my breath through pursed lips and regained control of my teasing tears. I was a tough cookie. I just had to suck it up." Okay, I think I may have gone gay and for 5 seconds... yup, a girl boner.She's extremely relatable for me which makes all the Declan-associated angst pretty easy to magnify. Declan's a very different hero prototype and I really like the potential for swoon over such a human and imperfect character but I don't feel like we're there yet. If I didn't know this was a series and view it as a standalone, he's got the pervy, douche-vibe down pat a little too well. He did a lot of those mysterious staring through Perry and smirking, which should annoy but it didn't niggle as much as it should and has just made me extremely curious about him.I love how Perry sees Declan in that through her eyes he's the hottest piece she'd ever come across but I still get that he's flawed and not the hero I'd swoon for swooning's sake. He's such a guy, but more like your teenage brother in that "adorable" phase."Have you ever been to a gym? It’s the gayest shit ever. I went for the first six months of us dating until I got tired of paying someone to torture me." "I think you want to see what you want to see," he said, and shoveled an entire pancake into his mouth. I was too livid to even consider how gross that was. “Were you staring at my ass?” “Yes,” he replied without hesitation. The push and pull of sexual tension between them was entertaining but I'm trying not to get into it too much for fear of the delay in payoff. The story about the lighthouse felt a bit incomplete and the chill factor for me was lukewarm but the paranormal potential is just driving me nuts with speculation Pleaselettherebeaparalleluniverseofghosts. I'm easily distracted which took away some of the energy from the scary scenes but again it's mostly my and imgur's fault. I love the pop culture references but some I fear may get dated, but that's what new editions are for, I guess. Definitely an optimistic start to a cool and engaging series and if it only gets better from hereon I might need to reschedule my life some more.-----------Anyone here watched Fringe on Fox? Because I wanna know if Creepy Clown Lady will turn out like The Observer and Dex is actually from a parallel universe and replaced THIS universe's dead Dex and Perry is the only one who can cross dimensions. Yeah, I just wanted to put it out there just in case so I can gloat in the end that I called it first :)Also, it was an awesome show, go watch it.--------