Wildest Dreams - Kristen Ashley Maybe its because I love Kristen's contemporary books that I identify with her heroines so well that when it comes to her PNR heroines, they sound very Mary Sue for me. I read Until the Sun Falls from the Sky and didn't get the MS vibe there as much as I felt in Wildest Dreams. The premise, while cute, started to feel like a Game of Thrones fanfiction with wee Finnie as our Mary Sue. And I HATE Mary Sue stories (dating back to ff.net circa 2000). Thus, a testament to KA's talent is the fact that I did finish this book, though I'm probably shying away from the next book in this series. I don't think I can read another exposition on the color of the pillows and the egg-shell paint of the walls of the movie-set like town. I guess the detailed description comes with the fantasy territory but egads on the length. A bit of trimming, on my part, feels warranted.