Redemption (The Bet)

Redemption (The Bet) - Francette Phal, Richard Davis 3.5 STARSLuckily, I got into this when both books have already been out and with an editor (or even just a friend who knows English and owns a red marker, even) this would've been a 5-star read. The plot was predictable (really, in contemporary romance, its kinda hard not to be) and cliches were EVERYWHERE Nicholas burns down the warehouse with Tony in it, lights up a ciggie and utters: "Its good to be rich."? Um, no. but it's really the execution of the tired and weary story that you stay for. The thing with this book is that it felt like it was written as if in a stream of consciousness -- as in no editing whatsoever happened. Grammatical slips here and there were easy to overlook (your brain fills in the right word anyway) and didn't really crimp the plot. Its how she delivered it that niggles. It felt like talking to someone who's been telling me multiple, mildly interesting stories and then, right when she's already had you all worked up about it, she gets up and say, "okay thanks bye!"I think the author was trying to relay Ellie and Nicholas' story through the perspectives of the people they surround themselves with in the 10 years that they've been apart. It's actually a creative way to escape the myopic trap of keeping the plot so tightly adherent to the main protagonists. Instead, it just got TOO expansive. Too much of every character from the first book that weren't even developed well then were getting their own third person POVs. It started to sound as if the author was rambling (what was the point of Matt? Really? Was it stipulated somewhere that everyone from Beautiful Disaster has to make an appearance in this book?). I DID enjoy some of the ramblings (not enough Ethan!) but some just went from cliched (i.e. Samantha's character) to annoying (her subplot with Dom) to downright confusing they just vanished from the plot! They really didn't even have anything to do with the "redemption" theme even. Then, as if in apology, the author brings out all the sexy in successive blows.At the heart of all that confusion is Ellie and Nicholas' story. Which has been done over and over again but still manages to be interesting. There were moments of originality I LOVED the torture scene! Brings credence to Nicholas' character like nothing else! and brilliance Ellie's response to Nicholas' confession was believable and brings credence to HER character . I'm just a sucker for the kids, they were adorbs! In my opinion, they half-carried this book in their teeny-tiny shoulders. Them and one Ellie Holbrook who is still one of my favorite heroine template.