Rock Chick Renegade (Volume 4)

Rock Chick Renegade  - Kristen Ashley I must say, Renegade will have to be my favorite thus far in the series. I know some of the fans claim to say that whatever their latest KA read turns out to be their favorite but, this book was ten thousand kinds of awesome (and I didn't feel that way after reading #2 and #3, maybe #1 but that's debatable). Rock Chick may tend to be formulaic but I'm not complaining, and thus far in the series, I noticed subtle changes in the themes. Not drastic changes but I'm liking the direction.I loved Jules. The Rottweiler thing may have been kept to a minimum but I liked how she's reads in the beginning as a strong woman and ended stronger still. The resolution on Vance's family drama felt a bit hurried, but then this is the Rock Chick series, I'm sensing expositions in family drama/dynamics are more of Colorado Mountains series' territory.For a while there the Fortnum's gang were starting to grate on my nerves (save for Tod and Stevie, Tex is getting there) but this book renewed my will to finish the series instead of hopping around KA's prolific back list (and man, is it prolific).