Rule: A Marked Men Novel

Rule  - Jay Crownover "I need you and more importantly I get that you need me, too. Not some watered-down, synthetic version of me that makes being together easier, but the fully leaded, hard to handle me that you can lean on, because I'm strong, Shaw. I'm not going to let anyone, your family especially, devalue all the wonderful things you have to give." 3.5 STARSI've put off reading Rule since I kept on hearing about how it has a good story but plagued by editing issues and a "cleaner" version was due to come out. I waited out for it as the blurb was really good and I didn't want to be cheated of a great story by the lack of proper punctuation. However, there were still a good handful of typos and spacing issues though it didn't deter me from finishing this book.The story was really good, the characters' profiles were interesting and the setting was ripe for drama (the good kind). I loved how Shaw and Rule were trying to figure out how to make things work between them. They are both fractured individuals who react so differently to what fate has dealt them. My favorite moment was Rule's conversation with his mother right at the end. It was the delivery of the story that didn't tickle me pink. I really wish the author hadn't opted for alternating POVs. I wish she stuck with Shaw's mostly because her sketch of Rule fell a bit short of my expectations and sometimes, borderline weird (especially when he's describing what Shaw's or any other guy or girl is wearing... it's jarringly out of character). He was supposed to be hardened, badass and generally heavy on the angst with all the sh*t he has to put up with his family (which was A LOT) but to me, he came across anemic on the intensity department. Don't get me wrong, I like Rule, I just found myself wishing he did or said certain things differently......or not say at all because, lordy can that boy talk. There were lengthy speeches not only by Rule (though he was a prime repeat offender) that makes you wonder if he's reading it off a teleprompter. Then there were scenes when Shaw and Rule were just trading words that sound like something off a quotable quotes book or, if this were a CW show, soundbites for the next episode. It didn't feel organic to the story or true to their characters. I wish the author would've found another way to move the story along without making the character deliver these ridiculously long lines. I liked Shaw, mostly because in my mind's eye, she looks a lot like Emma Stone, and unlike the other heroines in this genre, she's decisive with a strong resolve and fierce loyalty to the people she cares about. I did frown upon her blurting out Remy's secret (which is still not hers to tell) and wished it was the dad who revealed it to the family and her to confirm it. I don't know if I'm picking up the next book but if Jay Crownover continues to come up with these great story lines and improve on the delivery, maybe it would be worth a shot.