Someone to Love

Someone to Love - Addison Moore Just a 3 star read for me but:This is my first Addison Moore read and I have to say, I kept getting distracted by thoughts of which genre her writing style would fit best. Because holy hells this woman can write, but it felt like an awkward fit for this kind of story. When she wants to be evocative and poetic she pulls it off really well and when she wants to be light-hearted and funny, she doesn't end up trying, she WILL make stuff come out of your nose.It boggles my simpleton brain how this could exist in a chapter: [Kendall on sex] Crap. I must have done something wrong. There must have been some step I missed, like prepping my insides with barbed wire in the event he decides to draw his unholy weapon. along with this in another:The anxious waves thrust their hips against the shore, roaring as they push deep into the pliable sand until it smooths into submission. The water trembles over her tawny expanse until it ejaculates all of its foaming affection, reducing itself to a whisper. The waves roll back into themselves in a bionic rush, just to repeat the effort. Cruise is the sea, insatiable and hungry, all whispers and roarsThe rhythm just never really settled with me enough to actually enjoy the plot or sketch the characters clearly in my mind. If anything it got a little distracting. But when I view each side as disparate from the other, it works really well. I loved the Christmas lunch as much as I loved to creative turns of phrases I got introduced to (thank you, for NOT having anyone be a moth drawn to a flame).I do have issues in plot logic: How could it not be an issue that a teacher is living with/dating a student? Sure, Cruise got expelled AFTER pictures of him and Kendall were brought to attention but before that, no one seemed too concerned about this at all! I'm not even sure that's the reason he got expelled from the fellowship and teaching position or was it just a case of public indiscretion? Which, if it is, again boggles my mind. Lauren's ploys to get Cal (who was the best and clearly depicted character, by the way) to own up to her suspicions were extreme and, to me, ludicrous. The final conflict and its resolution were bland -- I don't mind predictable plot twists, I do mind predictable executions.I can see myself reading another book from this author. I know she's bound to produce something amazing in a different genre, probably.