Succubus On Top (Georgina Kincaid)

Succubus On Top  - Richelle Mead 4 STARS"You had your heart broken much?"He paused. "Of course. Everyone does. Part of life.""Tell me her name. I'll kick her ass. I don't want anyone hurting you."HOW TO ENJOY THIS BOOK✔ Do not judge it by its cover. Sure it has Richelle Mead's name emblazoned on it but really, a girl wearing a shiny (silver, yeesh) dress holding a goblet with that cheesy title doesn't inspire one to give this thoroughly entertaining series a chance. Taken at facecover value, this (as with the other GK books) does tend to blend in with the multitude of stereotypical PNRs out there but the characters here are anything but. This installment in particular portrayed the relationship between Seth and Georgina with impressive depth and maturity... well, as much as a human writer and succubus I imagine could have a mature, functioning relationship.Imagine Seth, the mild-mannered, socially awkward hero and Georgina, the lusty, hot demon who has sex for a living. As in, she needs sex to live. As in she can't have sex with Seth without killing him.✔ Do not over-think the bigger plot. This installment deals with Doug's mysterious transformation to Super Doug and a zealous, morally incorruptible woman being made to fall in lust by an incubus named Bastien. You can practically see where things are heading five chapters in on both story lines but unless you're looking for a gasp worthy plot-twist, it wouldn't really deter you from enjoying this one.✔ Have a PNR binge: vampires, werewolves, angels... know what just pick any romance series, throw in cowboys, bikers, billionaires in the mix just to make it more fun. Read them in succession then read this. Because chances are the alpha hero that densely populates every other romance genre will start to become stale and a character like Seth Mortensen will just knock you off your feet. True, he might take a bit of getting used to, and one might even accuse him of being a doormat but dude...He has a teddy bear named Damocles and makes a mean pancake. And he never gets jealous. How can you not give that man some love?✔ Re-watch some of Joss Whedon's early BtVS episodes for a better appreciation of this brand of humor. What's that? You don't know what BtVS is? Then I'd light a candle for your soul, you poor, deprived child."You would be worth going to Guam for.""What about Omaha?""No one's worth going to Omaha for."✔ Go to iTunes. Purchase Fiona Apple's Tidal album. You're welcome.True the demons' effort to tempt man into sinning here was fuzzy (because it sounded an awful lot like Georgie and Bastien were doing the Lord's work bringing down Dana), the story lines were scattered and needs better coherence (just like this review) and I may have figured out how this series will end but if possible, those faults only led me to better appreciate the small details."I wish you could choose who you love," he said bitterly. "Because I wouldn't choose you, you know. But, here we are. I can't stop thinking about you. I feel like there's some pull to you I can't fight."Says some French guy.I'm not a fan of the trope where I sense this series is going to go, but for the here and now, I'm just excited for when Georgina and Seth finally get to do it. Because for someone who refuses to get jealous, someone so secure of himself, I have a feeling Seth's gonna bring the thunder.-------------------------Seth's Shirt List:FroggerThundercatsRattWriters Do It At Their DeskPunky BrewsterFlash Gordon (awesome)Captain and TenilleSpamYeah, I did that.