Tasting Never (Volume 1)

Tasting Never  - C.M. Stunich Edited to change my rating back to 4 because I just found out this is going to be a series. If that had been made clear early on, I would've held back the unnecessary snark and didn't come out sounding like an idiot.***This book put me through the wringer (I will still be debating myself what rating I'm gonna give it until I post this sucker).I hated it. Then I liked it. Then I liked it some more... Then it was finished.Whut?! And just when it was getting interesting!The blurb doesn't give away much and I'm going to tread carefully so as not to give away too much but suffice to say, Never Ross and Ty McCabe are two broken people who met and try to be unbroken together. Now if they are each other's broken half, I don't know because somehow, with how things ended, I don't think anyone can be sure. I had a hard time liking Nev. She comes across as self-centered, arrogant and rude early on and since this is written from her POV, there was a lot of snark in her observations. She doesn't like a LOT of things (i.e. wearing panties and condoms) and is a this side of paranoid. She comes from the angst-ridden heroine template with unresolved family drama which, by the way, remains unresolved at the end of the book (again, CM Stunich, why?!). The mysterious issue that prompted Never's emancipation and self-destructive behavior, when revealed wasn't anything I was expecting (something I liked) and the entire early 75% of the book was spent with her and Ty waltzing around it so excuse me for being frustrated at the lack of resolution of this chunk of the plot.Ty was an interesting character with so much potential to be complicated but apart from his occupation and his ability to quote Lord Tennyson... had no backstory. Which again is a bottomless pit of frustration because I loved him! There was a brief attempt at him confessing to Nev but it got interrupted... and was never mentioned again. But with what small and flimsy portion of the plot that was dedicated to building Ty's character, he managed to come out endearing and sweet. He even made Nev tolerable towards the end.There were moments (especially the latter 20%) that appealed to the not-so-closeted fluff lover in me. I love how Nev and Ty's each other's best friend and what that friendship means for both of them. Their conversations didn't feel forced and some details were quirky and cute (i.e. the curry conversation, the chips from Vanessa) .The current trend of releasing books as series has grated on my nerves (mostly because latter books have nothing to do with the first one whatsoever), but this one, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish the story!