The Education of Caroline

The Education of Caroline - Jane Harvey-Berrick 4.5 STARSThis book just blew it right out of the water. It should be a perfect 5 but I had a different picture of Sebastian 10 years after. He's not so bad here, just not what I was expecting. Early chapters were a bit ho-hum. But the second half, right down to the end, was perfect. Caroline amazes me, how far she's gone from her character in the first book was so evident, I think I'm girl-crushing on this woman. The version I read was still getting minor tweaks, but was already beyond words. Jane Harvey-Berrick writes so beautifully and the emotions her words evokes are just so gut-wrenching. I'm glad she cut down on the sexytimes on this one. Though there were more of those in the first book (understandably with the nature of their relationship) here it wasn't heavy handed or relentless (though giving phone sex a new twist was VERY welcome).Come for the sex, stay for the story.Or stay for this at 75%:The sun was just beginning to appear behind the mountains, weaving pink and purple clouds around the summits, when, like a gift from heaven, I saw a row of Marines, naked above the waist, who were washing outside in the cool air.Did I say I loved it? Just in case I missed out on that one: I LOVED IT.Advanced copy from Lisa Ashmore (thanks, Lisa!) in exchange for nothing. Isn't that awesome?