The Gamble (Colorado Mountain)

The Gamble  - Kristen Ashley I like romance novels but I tend to like an author and stick to her backlist. And really, OMG Kristen Ashley, where have you been all my life???This is my first goodreads review and I've finished A LOT of books/series in just this month alone (thanks to a new reader). But I've put off writing a review until I read The Gamble and I thought, well I just have to gush until I read it again next year.I've read the first novels of KA's other series (Knight and Rock Chick #1) and I agree with the other reviews here that her style takes a bit of getting used to. But for some reason, this book did so well I wasn't really that bothered by it. I liked Nina (for a fictitious character meant to have a likability factor of 10, she didn't border on annoying) and Max was equal parts alpha and sweet even a feminist will be hard pressed not to smile over coffee (because seriously, how many scenes involved coffee? Not a bad thing, but KA doesn't skimp on the caffeine.). The resolution of the conflicts didn't end up flat and the emotional tugs were there. And for a LONG book, it wasn't cloyingly repetitive (adorable moments notwithstanding, but then they were adorable).KA's quirky secondary characters delivered well and felt, I dunno, very British. But thankfully not annoying enough for me to skip their moments.Nina (with the posh accent too!)Max (though he could easily be interchangeable with any of Judith McNaught's heroes, I felt)