The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game  - J. Sterling Ugh.That one star is entirely because somewhere in the plot, The Opportunist was mentioned and I figured, if this book is promoting awareness of it, then it deserves a star. I added another star because I did like some parts of it (ie. the early ones).Me and this book got off on the wrong foot right from the get go. I could not understand why Cassie would refuse Jack's advances early on when she's obviously attracted to him. Okay, so he sleeps around and she doesn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost. I just wish her character, her motivations were better explained before they started the requisite chasing sequences. Did her mom sleep around and she hates her for it? Was she bullied before? Was she an ugly duckling who didn't get the hot guy's attention way back when? Something! Cassie's character felt reed thin, she likes photography, she has daddy issues and... that's it. So by the time I got to the part where she got beaten up because of some random mugging where her camera got stolen she just downright sounded selfish and prissy to me. Her boyfriend's brother got beaten up trying to defend her and all she worried about was her camera. And I'm supposed to LIKE her?Then there's Jack. He started out okay, he even had a bit of the alpha hero phenotype in him. By the time I got to the shenanigan named Chrystle I lost all respect and girl-boner I have over Jack. Seriously? The whole post-tequila horniness was awful but I got all up in arms with the "no paternity test" matter. The author even made mention of it which Jack apparently outright refused. But when it came out that SHE WASN'T EVEN PREGNANT. Oh hells no. I know he's a jock and he probably doesn't get straight A's (I wish that issue was addressed) but this is a romance novel. I won't be swooning over a guy, dreaming of having jock babies with the likes of him if his path of logic is all screwed up. Hells, I don't think I want to sign any legally binding document with him even.The last straw was when Cassie flew all the way to Atlanta to stop Jack from getting married, completely forgetting what Jack did in the first place . I nearly had to stop reading after that. WHY?! I know the plot twist of having another guy go after the girl is a cliche all on its own and I'm not looking for that here, but can we not have the heroine be more undesirable than she already is? It did improve towards the end (though not much) but it felt a little too late to salvage my (lack of) emotional investment to these characters.So the search for a good sport's themed romance goes on for me. Really wanted this one to put that to rest.