The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel - Katja Millay This was a difficult book to rate for me. On one hand I couldn't make an emotional investment with Nastya and Josh that when I got to the better, latter 25% it felt too little too late. On the other, the writing was solid and I kept pausing to highlight turns of phrases that I particularly liked (save for Nastya's ridiculous "I'd rather... than...." trains of thought which verges on annoying).I think a second reading will make me look at the characters kinder, but as it is, I couldn't actually care for them. Horrible things have happened to both leads but my mind strays too often away from the pages. I keep slipping through its hooks and I can't NOT WAIT to know what happens next.I did like the resolution in the end. Though I would probably be more satisfied with a longer gap than 5 weeks before Emilia and Josh got reunited . The idea of how two broken people who find each other and ways to bring and fit one into the other's broken realities, while hardly original for this genre, was executed well.. This book brushes with the concept of removing "broken" from one side of the equation and questions if it will still makes sense beyond it. I feel that if it could've done away with Nastya's dilly-dallying with her secrets early on and addressed this issue with more depth and length.The last 4th of the book was powerful... I just wished it didn't take that long for it to blow me away.