Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens I can't seem to remove the read status but damn, I tried, TRIED to read/finish this book three times but I just can't finish it. I'm at 1/5th of the book when I just stopped. I even tried to read some trashy novels in between to maybe lower my standards when I get back to this but seriously.... NO. I can't seem to like the heroine. She's understandably selfish (who isn't at that age?) but why would you write about someone on a certain point in their life when the likability is close to nil? Except to annoy people I mean. And since its from her POV, the saving grace would have to be the hero (or heroes) for that matter... But again, no deal. And that felt depressing because I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm a part of its target audience.... Ten years ago. Ugh. I feel so old. So I'm sad this book ended up annoying me (putting me in the minority) and sadder because it made me feel like I was thirty (Oh wait, I am... Crap).