Up to Me (A Bad Boys Novel)

Up to Me  - M. Leighton God, I feel like I'm turning into a romance Nazi.Remember back in the day when Tom Cruise was hot? Pre-couch jumping, Katie Holmes divorcing?Remember back in the first book when Olivia first met Cash Davenport in a charming case of mistaken identities?Both I look back with wistful fondness for those times have truly passed.I liked the first book well enough, though I remember griping about how things ended, I still had some hope things would turn out okay. However the ret-cons Nash (who was a whiny bitch by the way) is alive?! Marissa isn't a bitch anymore?! and the sudden turn of events veering towards Pamela Clare (who I love obviously) territory of romantic suspense just felt flat for me while some of Olivia and Cash's dialogue bordered on cheese.Such a waste of hot and steamy sexytimes between Olivia and Cash. I wish I didn't bother with the story and just read through Cash's dirty, dirty dialogue.This is where we part ways M. Leighton. Thanks for the ride but I don't think I'd be tuning in for book 3.