Wait for You

Wait for You  - J. Lynn 4 STARS This is a book that will probably ruin someone's street cred (if such a thing exists in GR) because as far as cliches go, it has EVERYTHING, the sink AND plumbing system included. We have:✔ Insta-love✔ Insta-friends (a gay AND the funny kind of skanky bestfriend)✔ Unassuming heroine with a secret✔ Hot hero who may also have a secret✔ Frat parties, Thanksgiving dinner with the parents, vomiting (too much vomiting for one book)✔ Big fight, make up then fight again, then make-up againReally I could go on. But for some reason it worked.There were moments in this book that reminded me of Caleb pursuing Olivia in the Opportunist and the chemistry between Cam and Avery was really a thing of beauty. Their banter was almost, Colleen Hoover-esque, though to be fair JLA really does sharp, witty dialogue between her H and h (i.e. the earlier books of The Lux series). I'm easy to please as a reader, just make me laugh and I'm pretty much sold. Wait for You was a delight to read, mostly thanks to Jacob and Cam. This was my default expression while reading this book:(Yes I look SO much like, Leighton Meester)The plot and the storytelling were predictable. You won't see anything new in this one, but this, for me, is a good example of a cliche executed pretty well. Avery felt much too static as a character to be liked as much as Cam and It does get a little too heavy handed on the drama (wrecking your apartment after having a fight with your boyfriend? Please.) I also wasn't a fan of the last 20% of the book but I was pretty much charmed beyond redemption by then. Fluffy books as this one tend to get a lot of flak for the recycled story lines and characters but Wait for You did a pretty good job in giving a gasp of fresh air after wallowing in books dealing with the deep, dark depths of human frailty. It was a delightful, fun ride.Then I dive right back in to the section of my library with the ugly crying and miserable introspection on the human condition and the world (which has its own charms, to be sure).Now before I do that, I'm gonna go have a fight with my boyfriend because he didn't give me a tortoise in a terrarium last Valentine's.