With Everything I Am (The Three Series)

With Everything I Am (The Three Series) - Kristen Ashley I wasn't thrilled by the first book. I remember it being too restricted in the sense that the secondary characters were underdeveloped, the bigger plot was confusing and the chemistry between H/h were seriously lacking.Though the bigger plot is still confusing, With Everything I Am, had chemistry and interesting secondary characters in spades. The hot steamy sex alone makes me want to put this in the erotica shelf! I loved Callum (I mean, werewolves and Kristen Ashley? How can you go wrong?), he reminds me of Tack a bit. Sonia on the other hand felt a bit lacking, there were a lot of keeping to herself and masked emotions midway through. She started off okay then around the middle, I couldn't understand her motivations anymore. I couldn't even keep track of what she knows and what she doesn't know (it was so frustrating!). One thing it did better than the first book was expanding the locations. Until the Sun... felt a bit claustrophobic. The locations in this book subtly reminds me of WIldest Dreams, it was great!I put all of my TBRs on hold when Kristen Ashley releases something new and at the end of the day, I didn't regret it. It was still a satisfying read.