Where You Are (Between the Lines #2)

Where You Are  - Tammara Webber Is it so wrong to think of James Franco when I imagine Graham?Also.. A truth leaned from four years of literary study: nothing beats an antagonist for character-building. Did Graham just break the fourth wall with that statement? Continuing right after what happened in Between the Lines, Where You Are was equally if not more enjoyable. With schemes reminiscent of (early season) Gossip Girl and shades of Dangerous Liaisons, I ate it all up. Not sure if I'm picking up the last book just yet though. A small speck of me still wanted Reid to rise above the douchebaggery and get the girl (I was going to spoiler tag that one, but the existence of the third book kinda makes it futile) but the ending was happy and fluffy enough to ensure eight hours of sleep for me.