Avoiding Commitment (Volume 1)

Avoiding Commitment (Volume 1) - K.A. Linde Anyone (and their e-reader) who survived through this book would probably have gained an atherosclerotic heart and a brand new tear in their stomach out of stress gastritis.80% of this book was a two-star read for me. I loved the plot but the execution left a lot to be desired. I always find myself wishing the author pushed it a little more, writing-wise. I really wish this was written in someone's POV, preferably Lexi because I couldn't forge any empathy towards her in a third person POV. She didn't resonate as a strong character and I know Jack's supposed to be her kryptonite, but even apart from him Lexi remains on this side of blah. Her logic's crazy! Early in the book, after Jack confessed to her that he had a girlfriend while seemingly wooing her, they got into a huge fight. She was steadfast that she wouldn't be THAT woman. She was asking Jack to let her go. Then she asked Jack one favor: that he dare not lie to her again. . Was that even intentional? Because it did set the tone of their relationship and that conversation was referenced back throughout the story. But damn, I think that ruined Lexi for me. She was saying one thing but that favor implies that she's giving Jack all the power to lie to her AGAIN, only she's ASKING him not to. I couldn't even root for Lexi after that. She went into these situations with Jack on some clouded notion that they're not doing anything bad, when in reality, the sheer premise of them existing within each other's space bodes trouble. Her rationale just boggles the mind!Thankfully, Ramsey and Chyna salvaged whatever was left of Lexi and restored a bit of logic to this madhouse of contrivances. I wish a bit more space was devoted in developing Jack and Lexi's backstory together. There must be some reason to their folie-a-deux apart from coffee, muffins and a ferris wheel ride. Or gymnastics tryouts. There's mention of them reminiscing about their past that just fades into the next scene... I would've traded a lengthy conversation between the two for any of their lukewarm sex. Personally, I have issues about calling sex positions by name as description (i.e. doggie-styled, reverse cowgirled etc.) of the act rather than actually describing it... I find it lazy and crude.There's no saving Jack for me (a duplicate, Jack? Really?). Its either he gets run over by a truck or be mistakenly embalmed alive in the next book, I couldn't care less. Just as how I didn't care for Bekah.Still moving on to the next book though, just to have my fill of all that Ramsey goodness. If that had been KA Linde's plan all along (to put all her eggs in the last 25% basket) to nudge me to the next book, then I guess, well played?