Avoiding Responsibility (Volume 2)

Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde After reading Avoiding Commitment, I was googling a pic for Team Ramsey when this guy turned up:Well hello, Mr. Aaron Ramsey who plays football for Arsenal FC, it's nice to meet you.Now, this book. Yes. Good things? Uh much better than the first definitely. The writing still leaves a lot to be desired. The author loves the word fathom and don't you forget it. She's also summarizing plot points from the first book in the last 10% of this book. Maybe she's just anal about her readers forgetting what happened and likes to remind us (constantly) but it was inserted in a climactic moment which takes away any heightened emotion you may be peaking at at that point in the story. It actually felt like there's going to be an end of chapter exam and you're reviewing for it. The shift in PAST and PRESENT were also a tad confusing. The time difference wasn't significant enough to warrant this structure (it was, what, a month apart?), I wish the author had done away with it.I like her Bekah here better than the first. Whereas in the first book I was being TOLD to not like Bekah, here you could actually see what's not to like. I can't possibly hate a character just because she's physically perfect, rich and is marrying the guy (who, by the way, isn't even a catch in my mind's eye) the heroine's supposed to end up with. Here, she got nudged to villain status but she's somewhat in the boring bracket. I like my evil bitches with a bit of redeeming quality, makes the hatred harder to justify but necessary. Pure, unadulterated vindictive bitch and her posse... meh. Boring.I wish she wrote Ramsey better. I loved him in the first book and I was hoping Ms. Linde would explore him a bit more. I don't get where he got his conviction about Parker and Bekah's claims ("I just know" is a lame excuse) and that little nugget was just thrown in the wind and forgotten without consequence. A little more showing (that he's a 'player' or his struggles trying to stand apart from his family or even just working in his line of business - which I'm curious how he got into anyway) than telling would also have been more satisfying. Ramsey's secrets were such a let down. For a while I got really stressy about him and Parker because I was thinking Parker's a boy and we're inching in crazy territory and I have to recalibrate my uh, expectations (though that angle would've been LOADS more interesting). (Un)fortunately, their secret was just as muddled and disappointing as ever. weren't they going to be married anyway? What's with all the hush hush about the baby? I didn't get it. The best part of this book was Lexi. She's leaps and bounds a better and a more focused character here than in the first one. I still don't get the fuss over her (she's hot and...?) but here, her voice was clearer and while we could've done away with her repeatedly calling Ramsey a liar (I seriously wanted to slap her!), I get where she's coming from. And I'm glad where she ended up eventually. It was an imperfect ride, but I'd still be holding up my plate for another serving of Ramsey.