Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Back in the early days of the internetz, I was kinda hooked on reading a lot of fanfiction off and (I was a big Harry Potter fanfic troll) so reading this and FSoG, I sort of get how the AU (alternate universe) fics that propagate a fandom could actually bud off its parent fandom and become "original". And I'm not gonna lie, some of the fics I've read were pretty good (though not the Harry Potter ones, cause really, whose gonna school JK Rowling?). I've never read the Twilight books so I'm looking at this purely as an original work.This book, I understand was written by two authors. It REALLY felt like it. I'm actually curious how they divvied up the writing chores. See, I liked the latter half of the book while the earlier chapters (everything before 52% or before the conference scenes) makes as much sense to me as quantum physics. There's a loooooong stretch of fighting, snarky comebacks, panty-ripping and sex (LOTS of it, like, "Dear God please make them stop already" levels of sex) where nothing much is going on. Well they did try to have a token third party storyline somewhere in there but it was still chapter after chapter of sex and senseless arguments. Digression: I have to ask, what is with the panty-ripping? Is that a Twilight fandom-inside joke thingy? Like Dobby's socks? I'm really curious.See, like any girl, I like to read about the H and h banging every which way possible, but I also like reading about the movie date too and the candle-lit dinner and the walk through the park. Okay maybe not the walk through the park but, what I don't understand was if the story would have been different if they banged explicitly three times and the rest faded to a wicked smile or wink. It got really exhausting.But it wasn't all that bad. True, the sexytimes were still everywhere but thankfully, things started to calm down midway and there was an actual story going on (this felt like a Plot-What-Plot? for me in the beginning). I appreciated the fact that the conflict between Bennett and Chloe towards the end was rooted to their characters: him as the boss and her as the intern. I liked how they actually placed a name what these people do for living. Seriously, do you know how many contemporary romance novels out there go on and on about a billionaire hero without actually discussing what he does to get all that billions? So I appreciate the effort and it actually came off interesting and honest the way it was presented. The writing was polished and didn't give me aneurysms with typos and grammatical errors so there's that to be thankful for though it was a bit cliched. Bennett and Chloe's characters were on the thin side: I neither liked them nor hated them.Though I have to admit that time when Chloe found out her dad might be sick then turned to Ben for sex IN THE SAME SCENE didn't sit right with me. This will probably get lots of hype and love when it does come out because, hey, SEX and, as I've said the end chapters were okay. I just wish publishers would stop focusing all the smutty porntastic books aiming to be the next FSoG and look elsewhere for new fodder for us pervs without making us actually beg for the smut to stop. ARC from NetGalley