Collide  - Gail McHugh I'm having a hard time composing my thoughts because seriously, WTF did I just read?!And Jesus, its going to be a series?! Okay, coming into these kinds of books, you have certain expectations. I expect a serious amount of fluff and aww-shucks-ain't-that-sweet moments, drama is also requisite (some jealousy-induced punching, some crying in the rain), parties where everyone dresses up, non-graphic sex with dirrrrty talk... you know the usual. This book had everything and our backyard in there. All the possible permutations of all the cliches we've read in contemporary romance smacks you in the face. All the reasons why it should've worked. And yet...The root of all fail in this book is the dialogue. It's too... fictional. "Words fail to describe the way you look this evening." (Gavin) Emily smiled sheepishly. "Thank you," she breathed out, grasping onto her clutch. "You look great too." "Why thank you." He smiled. "Shall we?" Who are these people and why do they talk like that?! Also, "Ah, yes, brother-in-law, take all the credit." Melanie laughed, tossing blonde hair over her shoulder. WTF? Who calls their brother-in-law 'brother-in-law' to their face? And it's everywhere! Characters calling their friend, brother, sister, pal etc. as 'friend, pal, brother, sister'. It drove me crazy! "Care to dance with the woman who brought you into this world?" That was Trevor and Gavin's mom asking Trevor to dance with him. Yikes.Then there were the characters. The only character who I liked was Dillon. The supposed anti-hero was the only person in this story who reflected believable emotions and reactions for every situation he was in. And yes, he's still a douchebag but then that was the role he was meant to play.Unlike Gavin, who I'm supposed to swoon over but dear Lord, that guy just cheesed me off. Actually my dislike of him was mostly still rooted to the way he talks: "You're playing with fire man." (Trevor) "I can handle the burn. Just do what I asked. (Gavin)" Ladies, that for you is your hero, Gavin Blake.But far be it the only thing that will deter me from going Team Dillon all the way (actually I'm not team anything but humor me). No see, Gavin had a former flame by the name of Gina who makes an appearance somewhere in the middle of all this insanity. So they had a bitter past and you know how he handles a certain situation with her? He was so angry. Fuming mad. He wanted to throw her out but can't since she was so drunk. Then he dreams about her giving him head. And I'm supposed to root for this guy?! Gavin (and the author) obviously hadn't heard the adage that the opposite of love isn't hate but indifference because if he's seriously in love with Emily, that wouldn't have been the tone of that conversation. And what was up with that dream? Will that bite him in the ass ever? Because there was not one mention of it afterwards.Emilie will probably get the brunt of the readers' hatred because she really was unbearably foolish and for me, evil. To actually go back and marry Dillon because she thought Gavin was sleeping with Gina without plans of telling him even when he flat out asked is such a dick thing to do. Can a girl be a dick? Because having all this drama after your mom died not too long ago and nothing but so much as a glance referencing that supposedly painful moment. Yeah, Emilie's a dick.The blurb has so much promise and the emotional depth that it could've gone to seemed obvious but the author didn't take it there. But everyone else seems to like this so what do I know anyway? Maybe not calling my mom "the woman who brought me into this world" in casual conversation is actually weird.