Creed (Unfinished Heroes)

Creed  - Kristen Ashley Was okay. SInce the fans' opinions were very divided with this one, my expectations weren't that high. I just wish the flashbacks and the present tense events were a bit more in synch with each other. It just felt like the past Sylvie and Creed and the present Sylvie and Creed were two disparate entities. They didn't feel like the same people at all. Which I guess, to some extent, would be true to the intent of the story. But I can't reconcile one with the other, even if I take into account the things that happened to them during the times they were apart.I like that Sylvie is a badass. But outside the work she does, when it comes to Creed, she just becomes another KA heroine (nutty, albeit with an edge).The sex was hot. This was more erotica than Knight, IMHO.Not a homerun but will still be looking forward to the next installment in this series.