Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2)

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2) - Tarryn Fisher A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle. No, that didn't come from this book, because obviously, Caleb Drake is the kind of bicycle every fish would decide they do need at first sight. With that jaw alone? Are you kidding me?! Sorry was listening to U2's Achtung Baby and that quote has to turn up somewhere in this review.Reading Dirty Red felt like a leap of faith for me. I did not want to read a book (almost) entirely from the POV of the villain from the first book. I LOVED The Opportunist. It took me a good number of months to get the courage to actually read it (it had an intimidating blurb, to say the least) and a week to get over it. It just burrows in your brain like how a disease festers a hypochondriac's dreams. Weird analogy, but that was the topic of the book I literally dropped in the middle of reading to start and finish this one in 9 hours. It was difficult to read through the first few pages because its like watching your husband/boyfriend cheat on you. But then as I read on I started to take it as an extremely creative, and thus powerful way, to tell a story. I've never experienced 9 hours of schadenfreude (i.e. the joy one experience over another person's suffering) before... now I understand why the Germans have a specific word for it: it's fan-fucking-tastic. By the end of the book, I still hated Leah (though I do have to wonder what Tarryn Fisher's stand is on Coldplay) and Olivia (no matter how little of her appeared in this book) was still awesome. There were moments when the bitch-fight dialogue started to border on campy territory but it didn't bother me in the least. The level of angst on this series is reaching Korean drama levels (which if you've seen one, you'll know can get a little on cray boulevard) that the world would've ended and I wouldn't have been bothered.Caleb is still my favorite character as he continues to astound me. I'm a fan of the alpha-hero phenotype but Caleb is as human a hero as you can get. There's this part where he asks Leah if she loves him or the idea of him and you realize that though there's a lot of things Caleb Drake is not, self-aware isn't one of them. The last chapter before the epilogue was so satisfying I think I just want to read that everyday until book 3 comes out.Thank you Tarryn Fisher, I've never had a better, satisfying reason for a migraine (secondary to eyestrain).