Down to You (A Bad Boys Novel)

Down to You  - M. Leighton This kind of floundered a bit towards the end for me. Or maybe halfway through. The early chapters had so much promise. I loved the ease at which I could read the first few chapters: I started this while waiting for my turn in an errand line (that took about almost 2 hours, HORROR yes) and there's an ease to how I breezed through the pages that I instantly felt the book as too short already. Cash has a hot piece of mouth on him and boy does he use it. I would've loved if the storyline stuck in the Cash's club and veered away from llamas and sheep hunting and the sort. That threw me off a lot.Then I got to the middle where it did get draggy. Even falling asleep in the middle of steamy scenes...Then further on the implausible resolution of that plot twist, which by the way, you can see a mile away with blindfolds on in the middle of the night without electricity. Sigh. So yeah, fun and enjoyable... Until you get to the mushy, stale middle.