Easy - Tammara Webber Finished this one in a day :-)I've been having difficulty relating to the well-rated NA novels here goodreads. I'd like to think its NOT because I've forgotten to care about school and classes and all that fun twenty-something shiz. Most NA novels I've read (I think this is the first I got to finish!) suffer from having a "young" response to "adult" conflicts/situations.Right off the bat, this is a romance novel. But strangely, it doesn't suffer from the usual cliches. I'm particularly HAPPY that by the end of the novel, I don't even know the heroine's hair color -- a feature that would've been abused by the third chapter in less able hands. The plot was predictable, but in romance novels, nearly everything IS predictable... its in the execution of the predictability that gives the reader joy and Ms. Webber executed very well. The dialogue was effortless, there were no obvious devices to have a glib/sassy secondary character (I loved Erin!) it was like eavesdropping into dorm conversations. The pacing and length were good for the story being told, nothing felt rushed and the characters' behaviors didn't feel forced.I'm glad I didn't give up with this genre. If it meant finding this gem, I don't mind all the false starts I've been having the past few months.