Epilogue (The Dark Duet: Book 3)

Epilogue  - C.J. Roberts 1.5 STARSI'm gonna be honest. I just picked this up for the sexytimes and the image of Caleb with a hair-bun (seriously hot).I'm too lazy to make a review that will break down the merits of this book. So this is me doing an "annoyed but too lazy to gif and be sarcastic"review.I liked how the Dark Duet ended. Sure there are lot of plot holes that will keep me wondering how Caleb found Livvie or how they'd live out their HEA considering the repercussions of everything that happened... But isn't that how our fantastic reads remain immortal? So that whenever we think about these characters we can fashion and make excuses for them a million different ways?Nevermind how bothered I am that I find "normal" Caleb unpalatable, I'm just grumpy how it was all written like an apology to pacify the nitpicking readers who cried foul over certain aspects if SITD. Why does this sound so defensive? “She hit me so hard my damn eyes were watering (I was not crying—eyes water. I think we all know I’m a badass and I don’t cry)"“Gaining my wits, I laid down on top of her. I’m over six feet tall (I use feet for your benefit, but you should really learn metric, America) to Livvie’s five feet six."I won't even get into the rationalization of both these characters' crazy in the past because that would require some effort and I'm writing this on my ipad (see? Lazy.).As a reader I should feel empowered how this book was written to take my pleasure in HUGE consideration. Instead I just grew annoyed. Why does Caleb need to explain himself to me everytime he makes some off-character comment? Why does he even MAKE these off-character comments?Why does this book even exist?I'd much rather see a book be offensive or full of errors and misses but stand by these weaknesses than read something that's so defensive upfront that the story becomes moot.You can't please everyone and trying only leads to more hurt.