The Bland (Taco) Ambition Tour

Beg - C.D. Reiss

Well that went better than I expected.

I think I saw this series getting devoured by A LOT of my friends, simultaneously in my feed and it got me curious despite the billionaire hero being a rung below the cage fighters, pretentious rockstars and cheating douchebags in terms of appeal for me. I mean, its just too easy to make ovaries explode with someone who's rich, hot and into kinky sex. Do we really need another one?

What made Beg interesting I think is the setting and the heroine: a singer struggling to make it in the business who speaks the language of Hollywood and a devotee of her ambitions meets the hot, recently divorced and still hung up on his ex, guy who just happens to be rich and well-connected. 

The possibilities of deception, intrigue and manipulation is quite delicious.

I did like Monica. She comes off strong, ambitious and focused without being abrasive. She knows what she wants and she has a way of getting them.


In the few silent seconds after I stopped, when most singers would worry that they'd lost the audience, I knew I hadn't: they just needed permission to applaud. When I smiled, permission was granted, and they clapped alright.

Sure, beyond all that braggadocio and musical swagger, she's still the typical heroine who swoons over the scent of the hot, rich guy and some insta-lust was at play but I never for a second was led to believe this was realistic fiction with a hint of erotica.


He put a little pressure toward him on my waist and I followed it, kissing him deeply. His stubble scratched my lips and his tongue tasted of the water he'd just drunk.

Not only did she taste water but she tasted water despite the guy just finished wolfing down a couple of tacos not a few minutes ago.

And that's totally acceptable. Nobody wants taco breath in these kinds of books when real life has plenty of that.

This is not my first serial so I understand with the constrain in length, the storytelling can get jumpy and the characters tend to draw conclusions from out of nowhere logic. Beg did falter a bit in the economic delivery of its story. There was much dawdling around Monica's horniness over Jonathan. An entire chapter was spent where she was singing bout her sexual frustrations via Sinatra (Frank, not Nancy). Um, why?

The dialogue was quite sharp and the banter between leads believable and charming in certain points. I liked that other things happened in this book outside bumping uglies and that Monica, while distracted by her tingling girly parts in a good number of pages, had a life outside of no-strings-attached-sex.

So a very promising start for an erotic series (already nabbed the set) with minimal cheese… and bland, watery tacos.

ARC provided by eXcessica Publishing thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest, unbiased reviews.