Vengeance's Mise En Place

Jinxed (A Binds Novella) - Rebecca Espinoza
“What is that by your eye?” Cass asks, weaving her head around, trying to get a better look at this Jinx guy’s face. “Bwahahaha! Please tell me you didn’t draw a teardrop next to your eye? Oh, this is comic gold! Hold still, I have to get a picture of this for the guys!”

I think I fell in love with Jinx after that scene from Binds. He was easily the most entertaining character in the ensemble: the precocious tech whiz with a penchant for LARPing and LOTR. It's always the quirky ones that have the most interesting backstories so I already knew this novella will be awesome.

I've read a good deal of male POV books and usually the hero would either fall in the trap of being an arrogant douchenozzle or an effeminate mooning sap. Jinx is neither. He's a mature sixteen year-old who, at the start of this story, is arguing with his father for being a little too social towards the Commons (non-magic people) in his school. He's a little bit arrogant with his mad tech skillz, has some Napoleonic Charm reminiscent of Etienne St. Clair and Dex Foray working on his favor and a healthy dose of vulnerability that keeps him from being THAT guy.

This was set on the day that everything changed in his life, giving depth to who Alberto Jenkins is as a son, a brother and a friend. We meet his crew of mismatched outsiders, who he identifies better with than any of the other Mages in school, and his best friend Allie whose backstory I truly enjoyed. 


My eyes travelled over and stopped on what looked to be a shelf covered in little figurines of skeletons, some dressed in ponchos and sombreros. It appeared as if this freaky chick worshiped them because the whole thing looked like an altar.

I already liked SSA Allie in Binds but her charming history with Jinx here makes me love her more. How can they not be perfect for each other? 

There's a certain degree of whimsy in Jinx's story, some John Hughes magic at play, that only made the last 20% all the more poignant. He's not just the snarky, quirky tech support and I love that I get a better understanding of where his head really is at within the context of the events in Binds while getting to know new characters that made my mind spin with all the crazy theories where this series is going.

There so much that was revealed here about Jinx's personality including his relationship with Spencer Donnelly… who on the other hand is still a little locked box of mystery. So very few morsels of information on what's going on in that guy's head, will we ever see the whole picture? 

Afterthought: do I want to see the whole Spencer picture? That stone-cold, bad-ass motherchucker? I think I 'm a little scared but so very thrilled to see some vengeance getting served.

Just gonna leave this here...