Take Me Seriously. Seriously.

To Hold - Alessandra Torre
My brain is screaming a loud, unintelligible sound that wants to know what the fuck is going on.

Number of characters who contracted herpes in this installment: 0
Number of fucks I give to what will happen to Candy Jennifer Ann: 1/2

I kinda liked how the characters in To Have were unapologetic and it did give off some satirical promise even with how it ended (though maybe that was just the auto-activated sarcasm function in my brain) but for this installment it just stopped being entertaining. Because I think this was meant to be taken seriously. Or it made some obvious effort to be taken seriously here what with the clouded metaphors and circular statements which, by the way, is so obvious padding to stretch a story that could have been done in ten pages. I kinda wish it just owned up to being self-deprecating and ironic instead of making up words and bending over backwards trying to contort Candy Jennifer into a certain kind of heroine early on, only to change her to someone else midway through.

This is something I can't do. Fucking me in front of the staff is one thing. Offering me to a stranger something else.

… I can't do it. I just can't. Of everything I have sold at this point in time - my dignity, my life, my past - this is one step I cannot take.

I mean, [she just finished screwing her husband's voyeuristic bodyguard, NOW she gets a moral boner?

Also the chapters start out with these word games that should cut across the underlying darkness of the themes in CandyJennifer and Nathan's relationship but

Word: 10 letters; the last letter is 'N'
Clue: a ___________ slip is often required at school.

Somehow this just rendered the supposed ominous tone the book is trying to achieve ridiculous and juvenile. She was a former stripper, let's not kick the poor woman's Dictionarying skills.

One thing I hate about these kindle serials is that I am almost resolute on quitting this series after this… but the next one is offered FOR FREE. And what's a girl to do if offered a free pass to watch something go down in majestic flames of glory?