Squeeing. Like a Fish.

The Gray Wolf Throne  - Cinda Williams Chima
”You are better than I expected.”
“I am always better than people expect,” Han said.

Oh come on, don’t tell me you didn’t think this.

I loved this book by the way! Love love love love love.



I’m just going to madly flap here and there, over the overwhelming levels of squee, like a fish out of water. 

One thing I noticed and liked about this is how each of the characters have grown in a pace that doesn’t screw with logic. Especially Raisa. I like the way how Raisa still second guesses herself, how she can still be petty and cruel in her seventeen-year old mind. It has only been a year since the events covered inThe Demon King after all. This was a great study on how to develop characters believably and how to make the reader fall in love with them slowly. It is that kind of falling after all that makes these characters last in our hearts beyond the final pages and the limits of our imagination. 

I am loving the new, yet underplayed dynamic between Amon and Han. 

”Byrne we need to do a better job of protecting the queen,” he said. “Before we know it, she’ll be showing off old battle scars to her ladies whenever she’s in her cups. It won’t help out reputations any.”

Amon nodded without smiling. “I agree. We need to do a better job, and we will.”

The deadpan is so strong on that boy. These two should have a novella together while knitting sweaters, talking about random, domestic things while not talking about random, domestic things. And cats.

Anxiety behind the 

I’m mad nervous about Amon’s future in this series. I’m eyeing Fiona Bayar and Elena Demonai warily. What does Fiona know about that amulet that she wanted to tell Han about before?

(show spoiler)


There's a political clusterfuck looming in the horizon, forcing everyone into a deliciously precarious situation. YAY! It’s such an intricate, layered web Chima managed to weave thus far. It’s insane how everyone here pretty much has personal plans, selfish stocks and hidden motives that drive me mad with speculation on what’s going to happen in the final book. 

I enjoyed picking Han’s streetlord brain, how he applies his methods in protecting Raisa, furthering his plans and how I hope he ties both goals together. I’m a bit cheesed off by his current fashion choices and the whole Alger Waterlow business is too horcruxy, Tom Riddle-y for my tastes. But putting all that in perspective with the path both he and Raisa seem to be on, it stops to niggle and piles on the intrigue. Would lessons be learned? Would history repeat itself? What price will both pay?

Oh fine, I’m going to stop this pretend review and just squee relentlessly on all that Han-Raisa dialogue that was just…

”There’s something about a roof, isn’t there?” Han said. “It makes you feel like it doesn’t matter what’s going on below. All of those things that get in the way of your dreams - you’re above them. Anything is possible.”
“Anything is possible,” Raisa repeated.


As I've said... squeeing. Fish out of water style.