Not Handling It

The Crimson Crown  - Cinda Williams Chima
So many questions, so many stories that needed telling. A story of their own they needed to write. One with a happy ending.

Easiest rating I ever had to give.

It’s true, I ever only started on this series because of this book. So it was a bit of a winded, intricate and LONG ASS wait to get to this part but this, HOLY SHIEEEEET, this was certainly worth it!

So. Many. Feels.

Everything that happens in Hanalea’s Graden is fucking quotable. 

I can’t handle Han. I just can’t. 

It’s near reflex for me to be extremely critical of romance in any given setting because we’ve all read our share of romances right? And it’s the easiest in the storyline to nitpick on, especially in YA-High Fantasy. You come across reviews about certain series saying “make no mistake about it, this is YA romance guised as High Fantasy” as if its a bad thing. It seems like its the hipster thing to target, sadly.

But it will also be unfair not to credit where credit is due. I am not the biggest fan of sappy dialogue, there were scenes here that didn’t agree with me… but it’s always a marvel when the simplest words, in the proper context can melt me into a puddle of mush.

Didn’t you ever wish you could have a… a partner? A friend? Somebody you could say anything to - where you didn’t have to pick and choose words like a merchant at market? Someone who wants you for yourself?

The loneliness of these two characters, the impossible circumstances they need to overcome, the subterfuges, the betrayals…. and everything else in between.

I’ll be a complete hypocrite if I claim I loved this for the politicking and the courtly intrigue or the world building. I still find some loopholes when I expected something far more solid in terms of imagination. Because while the plot was intricate, some of the concepts I’ve seen before elsewhere, especially certain details in The Exiled Queen and The Gray Wolf Throne. But this delivered where those two failed for me.There were moments where in lesser hands these could have taken Angst via the Great Path of Misunderstanding, but thankfully it didn’t. Love conquering all is such a cheesy, exhausted concept but when done right, it can really take one’s breath away.

I promise you that if you love me, and you agree to marry me, I will make it happen.
(show spoiler)

Best. Courtship. EVAAAAAAAR.

It’s sad not everyone is automatically inclined to read High Fantasy as, say Contemporary Romance or Erotica, and whenever I see a friend review those kinds of books with much dissatisfaction, I couldn’t outright recommend High Fantasy or YA books because not everyone really dabble in them. It’s quite sad what we miss out on with our reading prejudices and limitations. I find this genre has been one that has most frequently reduced me into a blubbering mess of a fangirl.

Sometimes a dream is enough.

Am I squeeing? Why yes I am.