Channinging Your Tatum? Channing of the Tatum? I Give Up.

Still Life with Strings - L.H. Cosway

DNF AT 30%

A picture is just a picture, but add music and there's emotion. There's a story.

Or it could really just be a picture.

I rarely DNF before the halfway mark, but I foresee painful hours ahead and I decided to forego that kind of pain. 

This was just one giant try-hard mess where the creativity starts and stops with the heroine, having these interludes where she plucks out notes from air while she listens to the orchestra. What was that anyway? A residual of her alcoholic past? Is this all the intoxicated's dream? I hope it got explained eventually because that bit in the story felt too blatant an effort to be quirky. Except within the context of the 30% that I read just came across desperate.

Shane and Jade are just... I'm actually dreading the point where they have non-anonymous sex. I am being TOLD that Jade is this hardened, responsible and mature heroine who cares for her siblings all on her own. When she just comes across immature most of the time with thoughts generally preoccupied by Shane, it's a wonder she remembers to feed her brother and sister. 

I like to think I have two brains. One is my girl brain and the other my boy brain. They both have good sides and bad side.

It did give credibility as to why she's a perfect human statue.

She sets the hard rule of not dating anyone because of that fuzzy explanation about her battle with alcoholism and yet she still engages in these flirtations with Shane. It was an utter ridiculous device to instigate sexual tension. Every time she says no and Shane still manages to ease some level of physical intimacy with her... it makes me feel awkward. Made worse by Shane as the poor little rich boy who wants to "experience life" who finds Jade "fascinating" right after she tells him her past as an alcoholic. I mean fuck that Range Rover for clipping his wings. And that Stradivarius he has to play in his gilded cage. And that dinner to Marco-Pierre White's restaurant. 

Do I even want to mention the unfunny Channing of your Tatum?

MASSIVE disappointment from where I stand. The creativity, the humour, the maturity in the writing... were all severely, painfully absent. 

I stopped right around the time Shane's caricature of a mom started to add the class snobbery vibe and decided to put this away. Lest I hate this to the point of swearing off any future releases from this author altogether, I think I'd just keep my fond memories of Painted Faces and forget this incident ever happened.