Hate Lubed

The Last Good Knight Part III: The Games Destiny Plays (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz
”Hate’s like lube,” she finally said. “Makes it easier to get in and out. If it was all love with Soren, if I didn’t make myself hate him, I don’t think I could get out again.”

I don’t know why I chose that seeing as its obviously stating the obvious, but it could easily apply to my relationship with Nora as well. Because I’m evidently not her biggest fan, and this novella series is giving me so much ammo to despise her even more. But she’s the chosen one of such inimitable characters as Soren and Kingsley and fine, Lance, in that you can’t get to the bottom of these lovely heroes without a hefty dose of Nora along the way.

So yeah, Nora’s got all of my hate lube.

In The Games Destiny Plays, we find out that unbeknownst to their world, Mistress Nora secretly goes back to her former Dom from time to time whenever he calls for her or she needs him. It delves into her growing uncertainty over the wisdom of continuing their relationship given his vocation while also contrasting the promise of the kind of future Lance offers.

I still question if my dislike of Nora is innate to her character or a side effect of Reisz’ far too cleverly written heroes. 

”Kingsley once sanded a guy who got too hands with one of the submissives.”
“Sanded? Like with sandpaper on sensitive parts of the male anatomy?” Lance winced.
“No, that would’ve been barbaric.”
“That’s a relief.”
“He used an electric sander.”

That Kingsley does put the edge in Edgy Torture Techniques.

Here we get a further glimpse of Lance as the classical white knight kind of hero which offers the insight of how naturally submissive such stereotypes are when you think about it. I feel some of the themes about Nora and Soren’s relationships have been tackled elsewhere in the series so this really brought nothing new to the table, but seeing as how things eventually panned out for both these character in The Red Years, it does create a bittersweet picture on the should'ves, would'ves, could'ves  I suppose.


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